God’s E.R. presents a special series just for men, sign up now!

The Conquer Series is a five-week intensive journey into how and why our sexual desires often win over our willpower. This course consists of an action-packed video series training men how to fight and win over our less-than Godly desires.

The “Conquer Series” is a weekly 2 hour session which provides practical advice to participants for stepping up to a higher level of holiness with Christ.

If you struggle with making pure and Godly decisions, commit to a short 5-week course and see your life begin to change.

Call or text 918-409-8349 to reserve your spot for the next Conquer Series.

Hope to see you there!
Jim Williamson, Lead Facilitator

Conquer Series – Thursday evenings beginning at 6:30 pm (RSVP required)
God’s E.R. Headquarters
6218 S Lewis Ave, Suite 125
Tulsa, OK 74136