God’s E.R. – Freed from ALL Things!  Is a ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ dedicated to seeing people set free from any bondage or affliction from satan and his demonic hordes.

God’s E.R. – Freed from ALL Things!  Wants to teach you new ways of thinking that will gear you up to win every battle against your enemy!

God’s E.R. – Freed from ALL Things!  Will help you understand how to incorporate the healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ for your well-being – Spirit, Soul & Body! 

We invite you to join us as we serve the Lord by serving one-another!

When:  Every Monday night at 6:30 p.m. (except major holidays)
Where:  God’s E.R. Headquarters
_________6218 S. Lewis Ave., Suite 126
_________Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136

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This ministry is for ALL individuals needing assistance in obtaining spiritual freedom (deliverance), emotional healing, and physical healing! We want to help you receive freedom, in Jesus’ name!

The Ministry follows the following format:

6:30 – 7:40:

Suite 126 – Introduction:  Consists of an overview of the ministry, explanation of how people get into bondage, the format for obtaining freedom, and the Director’s personal testimony which includes freedom from many different bondages. (This introduction is only attended once, each week thereafter the participant will be in one of the following classes):

Suite 126Maintaining Your Freedom classes.  8 classes designed to help people stay free after they have completed personal ministry.  These classes can be entered at any time as they “rotate” rather than build on each other.  They each provide a vital element for staying free from demonic oppression and maintaining your health and freedom.  Class titles include: Right Thinking, Right Speaking, Choices, and Right Relatedness, among others.

Suite 126Basic Training for Christians.   8 classes training you to be part of the Army of God.  We call this offensive posturing – standing our ground in the Lord and helping others to do the same.  Class titles include:  Armor of God, Covenant, Purpose – Plugging into Service, and more.

7:50 – 8:10– for all people desiring individual ministry:

Suite 126Preliminary Prayer, this prayer is required for those that desire individual one-on-one ministry.  It is a 20 minute prayer that is repeated after the leader.  We ask the Lord to establish His presence with us, we plead the Blood of Jesus over every person and family represented; we bind demonic intrusion and interference.  We then pray and reconfirm our belief in and submission to the Lord Jesus Christ, we repent for all un-repented sin, we ask forgiveness for the sins of ourselves and our forefathers.  We forgive in a general sense everyone that has harmed us or offended us, and we break off curses, oaths, judgments, vows and ungodly soul ties.

From 8:15 – 9:50 – Individual ministers are assigned for each person requesting ministry.  Men and women receive ministry in separate rooms, men with men, and women with women. Each minister and participant are seated in corners of the room, away from other participants, and begin to work through a format that consists of identifying items on a “Problem List” as well as identifying people in their lives that have hurt them in some way.  All of the issues generally spoken over in the Preliminary Prayer are now individually applied to the problems and relationships identified by the participant.  There is time given for the Lord to speak truth to the individual for deep emotional healing in private prayer, and we also provide time to have prayer for physical needs.

Children are ministered to by special appointment, and only after at least one parent has participated in the ministry.

We have found that possibly one-third to one-half of the participants will return the following weeks for some additional personal ministry.  Rather than attending class on their second visit, the participant will go directly into personal ministry upon arrival.  For all others that have completed the one-on-one personal ministry, on all successive visits, you will attend classes as noted above.  All events of God’s E.R. begin at 6:30 pm.

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It is our prayer you will join us and allow the Lord to set you

Free from ALL Things! Acts 13:39

If you would like to participate in the on-line Self-Ministry,
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Sandra Williamson, Director
God’s E.R. – Freed From All Things
6218 S. Lewis Ave., Suite 126
Tulsa, OK 74136
918-409-8349 ministry line
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