At God’s E.R. our Spiritual Creed is Freed from ALL things – this is derived from Acts 13:39, “… and through Him [Jesus Christ], everyone who believes is freed from ALL things!” If you’ve ever been or known someone in emotional turmoil, needing healing or demonically oppressed, then this training is for you! God’s E.R. is a ministry of training and helping people become 100% whole! You will learn how to attain spiritual freedom, emotional wholeness, and complete physical healing.

If you are interested in:

  • Local training (Tulsa) for yourself
  • Training for your church
  • Training for an association of churches
  • Continuing education on one of the following subjects:
    • Demonic hierarchies and spiritual warfare
    • Emotional Healing
    • Physical Healing

Then this training is for you! Come learn that the Word of God works!

God’s E.R. offers several levels of training, from all-day, eight hour trainings, to half day and one hour mini lessons.  Tell us what you are interested in on the contact page.