What is the Certificate Program?

  • The God’s E.R. Certificate Program is a set of coursework offered at God’s E.R., along with introspective review questionnaires for each class.  The purpose of the Certificate Program is to assist the participant in growing in their knowledge and understanding of their authority in Christ, and their place in the Army of God.  Upon completing the courses, review questions, and submission and approval of the application, the participant will be directed to a ministry, or a suggested area of ministry within their home church, where it appears their personal giftings and the Holy Spirit’s anointings has prepared them to serve.*

Who qualifies for the God’s E.R. Certificate?

  • Participants who have completed all requirements and are incorporating the teachings into their every-day lives.

What are the track requirements to receive a God’s E.R. Certificate?

  • Introduction class
  • Individual ministry completion
  • Class 1: Maintaining Your Freedom, all 8 class sessions attended
  • Class 2: Basic Training For Christians, all 8 class sessions attended
  • Completion and submission of Class 1 and Class 2 review questions
  • Completion of  the Application for Certificate (click here for application)
  • Ministers’ prayer session including prayer for anointing and impartation of giftings from the Holy Spirit.

When may one receive the God’s E.R. Certification?

  • Upon completion and submission of the above application and request for review submitted to the Director.  Upon review and approval by the Director, a notification will be made to the participant.  The Director will set a time between 8:00 pm and 8:30 pm on a Monday evening, for presentation of the Certificate of Completion and for the team to pray over you for the Holy Spirit’s anointing to serve within the Body of Christ.

*It is at the discretion of a church and the individual departments of the church whether an individual will be accepted as a Servant Leader in a given department.